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SPARK is the secular wing of Sri Krishna Mandir Trust which is mainly formed to help the present day youngsters. We organize motivational seminars in various schools, Engg. and Medical colleges. The highlights of these seminars are:

  • To address the main problems of the world “Self-centeredness” by inculcating the difference between and body and soul

  • To address them with the importance of using the modern technologies in the right way that helps to create a healthy world.

  • To eradicate the bad habits amongst the students like intoxication, illicit sex and gambling that are highly rampant for their personal life and also professional career.

  • To teach them the art of living without the present day problems like hypertension, stress, lack of self-confidence and anxiety.

  • Question and Answer Session These seminars are being conducted by us around the world in various colleges. Our programs made a vast difference in the quality of the students from various colleges of the cities like Bangalore, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur etc with a highly overwhelming response from the students and faculties. These seminars have proved to be extremely useful and highly beneficial for the students.

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